Chapter 02~!

~Chapter two~

“So where’s your car?”, I looked around waiting for him to point, “Is it a van?”

“Yeah, it’s the white Hyundai  Dylan playfully pushed be from behind towards his car. I reached for the door to the passenger seat but he stopped me. He stepped in front of me, pulled out a handkerchief, and used it to open the door. With a charming smile he said, “For you m’lady.” I almost threw up in my mouth. We’re in the 21st century, not the 1800s.

“Hahaha thank you kind sir,” I said. Before he started driving, he dusted off the wheel and to my surprise, he put my seat belt on for me. Dylan paused and turned to me. He’s so unpredictable I swear. 

“This is Betty. Isn’t she wonderful?” He sighed.

“Pffft are you being serious right now?” I was laughing so hard it was embarrassing. One hand was on his heart and the other was on his car. 

“Yes. I take care of her, she takes care of me. It was love at first sight.”

“Okay Dylan whatever you say.” I couldn’t stop smiling though, but he was too distracted. Either from the car or the driving. Either way, hilarious. The car smelled amazing though. It smelled of caramel and vanilla. 

We drove for hours and I wasn’t bored one bit. He sang the first couple hours and I wouldn’t be surprised if he was famous for his voice. Eventually, I fell asleep. At that time, I even forgot about my run away and honestly, life seemed good.


I woke up to a large honk from our car. Dylan was sweating hard and He was driving in incredibly fast.

“What happened?!”, I frantically looked around and a motorcycle was chasing us from behind. It was already midnight and if i wasn’t so worried about myself, I would’ve been worried about the car crash behind us. From the the look on his face, I realized that we were in deep trouble. My dad made that face a lot when he knew that the chances of surviving was slim. “What are you doing?! Is there something you’re not telling me???”

“I’ll explain everything later. I promise, for now, just take the wheel for me”. 

“What?! Are you crazy??” But he was already moving toward the back of the car, leaving the driver’s seat empty. And like an idiot, I just stared.

“What are you doing?! GO! Don’t look back. Just. Drive.” I had no time to think, so i did as i was told. Getting from my seat to his seemed like it took  forever. We were on the freeway and there weren’t that many cars in front of us. It made it easy for me to zip through. I drove as he pulled out a gun. Here I was in a car with a person I barely met only a few hours ago. The only thing I knew about him was that he drools, his name’s Dylan, and he has a car fetish. In spite of everything that was happening, I was actually enjoying it. I heard a couple shots from him and from the guy who was driving the motorcycle. He said something but the firing overlapped his voice. 

“What did you say?” I shouted.

“Step on the pedal harder!” He shouted back. “You know, I still don’t know your name.”

“I’ll tell you once you tell me why we’re being chased by-” All of a sudden, another motorcycle drove onto our ramp from another highway on top of us. More and more were coming. “Dylan!!”

“I know! I know! Drive into the ocean!” He pointed to the open water ahead of us. It was becoming more and more difficult for me to drive as fast as possible when more and more cycles chased us. Nonetheless, we were getting closer and closer to the waters by the second.

I stepped on the pedal as hard as I can and screwed up. One more motorcycle came from the highway on top of us and it was too late to dodge it. I turned aggressively but I ended up hitting one of the other motorcycles. The car flipped continuously and then after what seemed like eternity, it finally threw us out. So much for seat belts. We were both bleeding from the broken glass but I did my best to ignore it. We got up and I fell.

“Ah!” I winced. I looked down and I realized that my ankle was broken. Dylan helped me up and we ran towards the ocean and jumped for our lives as we heard guns firing behind us. I didn’t dare to look back.  original

~to be continued~


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