Chapter 03~!

Chapter 3~!

I can’t believe I fell into the water..stomach first. The firing wouldn’t stop and while we were swimming away, I was shot in the leg. To make matters worse, I passed out.


“Bree” The shaking wouldn’t stop.

“Bree wake up.” For a moment, I forgot where I was and why I was even there.

“Dylan…..?” I groaned. Right when I opened my eyes, everything seemed blurry. I had to blink more than once to see straight and even then, my head wouldn’t stop ringing. When everything cleared, it was obvious that we weren’t anywhere close to civilization. I sat up and expected to be surrounded by buildings. Instead, we were inside a cave. The entrance to the cave wasn’t far from where we were. We were close enough so that the light shined through, enabling us to see, but far enough so that people from the outside wouldn’t be able to tell whether or not there were people inside hiding from crazy stalkers with guns. Ha. Not that there would be anyone here in the first place. Water lined the sides and the bottom of the cave. Thank god I was higher up. I couldn’t see the bridge we jumped earlier from where we were. I couldn’t tell if my head hurt from the crisis or if it was because I was raged with Dylan. I put one hand on my head to ease the ringing and pushed Dylan with the other. “What the hell was that? How did we get here?”

I don’t believe this…” He murmured. 

“Who were they? No..Who are you?” I glared at him but the more he frowned, the harder it was for me to stay mad.

“How can this happen?” Dylan ignored me. Again. Actually, it seemed like he didn’t even hear me snap at him. I doubt he even felt the push. I forgot all about being mad and became concerned.

“What happened? You okay?”I tried to look at him in the eyes but he only stared at the ground. “Wait no. I mean, are we okay?” I shot up and looked around to see if anyone was watching us.

“We? We?! …Someone died and you’re asking if we’re okay?” He crossed his arms.

“Was there someone else with us?” I asked. I wondered why my leg didn’t hurt. Maybe I was too shocked to notice.

“How can this happen…. my Betty….oh..” I couldn’t tell if he was being serious. Was he talking about his van just now?

“Seriously? I got shot in the leg, you could have died, we can’t go back to the city like this, and you’re worrying about your car?” I was baffled. He was truly heartbroken.

“Let us have a moment of peace.” He closed his eyes. I would’ve laughed if our situation wasn’t so critical. 

“Seri-AH!” The pain from my leg finally started to kick in. I lost my balance and fell to the ground.

Gasp Your leg!” His eyes widened and rushed over to my leg.

“It- It’s been like this for a while.” I winced. “I already told you that I got shot dummy.”

“Kim. Gun shots don’t do that.” He frowned. When I followed his gaze towards my leg, I realized my whole entire leg was infested with black swirls. My head started throbbing and then everything turned black before my eyes.

When I opened my eyes, I wasn’t in the forest anymore. There was a man in strange clothes. He was in a small house sitting in front of a black canvas. Everything was so old fashioned. Not like, 1900s old fashioned. It looked some what like the middle ages. Another man barged into his house.

“What are you doing! You can’t expect this to work!” He threw his hands up in the air and started trashing the house of the man who sat before me.

“Who me?” I was so scared. I should’ve said something else to make myself seem less stupid but it was the only thing that came to me at the time. The man ignored me and went straight up to the man in the house.

“THIS-” His voice had so much anger and emotion in them, it was hard not to feel inferior. I backed away little by little.
“This painting will save them. We must protect them at all costs.” Said the man sitting in front of the empty canvas. Suddenly, the canvas started to get lighter and lighter. He took out a paint brush. The man calmed down and took him by the shoulders.

“I-I’m.. uh.. I-” This was all I got out. Then I realized, it seemed as if I had no control over what was happening. I don’t think that they were able to see me either.

“I know that these people are dear to you but we can not risk our own lives. What will the higher ones say?” said the first man. The other man just ignored him and started to paint rapidly.

“This is partly your fault. If you hadn’t told them about your silly ‘bad’ ideas, they wouldn’t have thought of this.”
“You’re blaming me now? The one who worked for you? The one who-“

“Be quiet. You and I both know better than anyone else out there that innovation comes from all sorts of things. Besides. Who knows how long we can keep them hidden? We can not always keep them hidden in our homes forever. They would be found only in a matter of time.” The more he painted, the more familiar it seemed.

By now, I was more than just confused. I was completely lost. Why am I here? Is this from a movie I saw a few years back? Why is this so vivid? Am I dead? Where was Dylan? What are these people talking about? Who are they? Why are they arguing? Before I found the answer to anything, everything started to fade…

*to be continued*


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