Chapter 04~!

Chapter 04~


I swear, the next time I faint, I’ll play chubby bunny with garlic. I feel like I’m missing out and it sucks not knowing the whole truth of something. 

When I woke up, we were still in the same cave, but it was dark out and Dylan was sleeping next to me. At the time, it seemed like I knew him from my past but that’s not possible since I just got here. He made a fire not too far from us. It was actually enjoyable, it was almost as if we had nothing to worry about. Just camping deep in a forest, with a friend. 

I got up as quietly as I can and walked up to the entrance of the cave. I used my hands to make sure I wouldn’t bump into anything. Sadly, the fire wasn’t big enough for me to see everything. I made sure to be careful not to fall into the waters beneath us. When I got to the cave entrance, I felt leaves. A lot of leaves. I saw a long blanket made of leaves covering the entrance. Dylan probably made this to keep anyone from seeing us. He’s smarter than he looks. 

From the moment I left the cave, I regretted my decision. Bad news, the same men who chased us at the bridge earlier were there. They were wearing military styled clothing but it was…paint splattered? Yea, I didn’t understand either. Good news, they were far from us and they didn’t see me yet. I slowly walked backwards making sure that they wouldn’t see me and tripped. I cursed at myself in french. Yes in french. I’m an agent’s daughter. Expect the unexpected from me. A man on my far right turned his head towards me. He threw a flare to call his other paint-obsessed-friends and he quickly changed into a blob of red, blue, and yellow paint. It started to hover towards me fast. Some one from the inside of the cave grabbed my shoulder pulling me out of shock. I gasped and jabbed the person behind me. 

“Kim it’s me. Hurry and come in. They can’t get in this way. At least not for a while.” Dylan had a look of pain on his face. Whoops. I didn’t understand why they were defenseless against a couple leaves but I trust him, for now at least. He helped me in and as the opening closed, I saw that the hovering object was closer than ever.

“Now are you going to explain? Or are you still worrying about Betty.” I couldn’t help but tease him, no matter how dire the situation was. 

“Haha no I’m done. I’ll explain it to you on the way to a safer place.” It was that playful smile again. 

“Alright but how are we going to get out of here? We’re surrounded.” 

“You trust me right?” He took my hand and started walking towards the water.

“Do I have a choice?” Thank god it was dark. Otherwise, he would’ve seen me blush. “Are you being serious right now? Cause this is no time to be acting flirty Dylan.” He let go of my hand for a moment and I slipped. I would’ve fell if he didn’t catch me in time. So much for being smooth.

“See, this is why I’m holding your hand.” Dylan picked me up and slowly dropped me into the water. He paused and looked at me so I turned away. “Kim, my name is actually Chris.” 

“What? Seriously? Why did you lie?” I looked at him in the eyes. Then we started to hear noises near the entrance of the cave. He carried me as he ran through the water. “Put me down Dy- Chris!!”

“I would but I know the way to Urban and you don’t so just bear with me.” He stopped in front of a dead end and he put his leg on a rock, switched the bottom half of my weight onto his leg, and used his right hand to get a brush out of his back pocket. While he was painting his hand, he started to explain. “There are only two places where the Urban exists. One, on Earth. I don’t exactly know where but it’s in China somewhere in the country side. The second one is here. The Urban is a place where we collect data, experiment, communicate, and invent. Or it used to be like that. A century ago, a man was to be exiled for going against the people in power. The same man was in an organization called the Urban. He was carrying information that was meant for killing people like me and you. We have abilities that makes us more….I dare say inhuman and unique in a way. He told a man in the council and they let him go, but only for a short time. After a week or two, when he was spending his time out with his family, they took him away and locked him up. They made him use a special type of paint that let people from the outside world into the painting. Sounds like fun right? Not even close. It was meant for trapping people. Once in, there was no way out. For a time anyways. After a while, the prisoners started a civilization and once they found out a way to escape, the council started sending Lenpodano. Lenpodanos were the things you saw outside. They can change shape and take in the properties of the living things they changed into. Why are we their targets? Why are we a part of this? I do not know, but one thing’s for sure. They’re our enemies and we have three jobs. To find out why they’re doing this, how we can stop it, and have fun while we’re at it. Welcome to the Urban.” 

 He pressed his hand onto the boulder and as it sunk into the ground, a bright light shone through.


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