Chapter 05~!

Chapter 05~!


Knowing something and not knowing the complete part of that something can be pretty annoying. So when Chris explained that ‘unknown’ part to me, I was grateful but, it was so unrealistic.

“Hahahah,” I nervously laughed, “You’re kidding right? This is all some kind of prank?”

“Yeah,” He replied, “We went so far just to pull a prank on you. We jumped off a bridge, we slept in a cave, that blob was totally not real, and this too is fake.”

“It all seems so unreal though.” I stumbled as I got in. The rock behind us rose back up just in time before the thing from outside showed up. Nearly gave me a heart attack. I shook my head and paused for a moment before I replied, “If this is all real, then what was the two separate Urbans that you talked about? It almost seemed like you were saying that-“

“That we’re not in Earth?”

“Yeah, that we’re not in…wait…what. I was thinking along the lines of ‘oh I’m sorry, I was mistaken and this is actually somewhere an amazing video game company works and the blobs and guns and that weird black poison thing were all just graphic effects.”

“Oh and that black poison thing, yeah I still don’t know what that was.”

“Okay because that totally makes EVERYTHING so much better.” I said as I rolled my eyes.

The Urban was a huge working space. Evidently, it was for artists because there were hundreds of paintings, sculptures, and models of inventions everywhere. I felt sophisticated being in that room and not just that, the room itself seemed to give me peace. I wasn’t sure if it was because of the dark and light pastel color scheme or if it was because of the green tea aroma I was smelling or if it was just the fact that we’re far from the blob people.

“Chris, you still didn’t tell me why you lied to me about your name.” I couldn’t be too dependent on him. I barely knew him.

“Haha you’re funny Kim. Very funny.” He walked away from where we came from and gestured to me to follow him. Ignoring me again. Great. Soon after, we approached a door and entered it. “Don’t you remember this at all?”

I frowned. “Am I supposed to?”

“Uhm. Actually. Yes..” He stared at me, puzzled. “That’s not normal.”

“Earth to Chris! Nothing’s normal. My life is completely thrown out of balance. Not that it was ever normal but this. This is crazy. How am I ever going to get back to my dad. How am I going to explain to him about this? What about my future?” I couldn’t take it anymore. I had questions, and I wanted answers, and not just vague ones. It became even more frustrating when Chris didn’t argue back. He was perfectly calm.

“Kim…usually, when we recruit other members, they start remembering about our past, but they aren’t here right now. They’re out getting supplies from an underground trade. Anyways, until you remember, I can’t tell you much. It’s the rule. I’m sorry but you’ll know everything in time for what’s coming. At least I hope so.” It felt as if he was pitying me. I hate pity.

“Oh okay. So now I have to wait. Wait for what. What past? And what’s this rule? Rules are there, meant for someone to break them. Let’s be the first.” I narrowed my eyes. “Now spill.” Chris looked as if he was going to give in but two people walked out from a door across from us. They did not look happy to see us but thanks to them, Chris was off the hook from me. For now at least. 


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