Chapter 06~!

Chapter 06~!


Two people walked in. One, a woman who looked to be in her 20s and a man who looked as if he could pass for a teenager if he wasn’t so formally dressed. The serious look didn’t help either. People here need to loosen up for god’s sake.

“Hello Chris. I see that you have returned and you brought Kim back too.” The woman had no emotion.  I had many different thoughts at the time but my instincts told me that it wouldn’t be safe, but I never stopped wondering why she knew my name.

“I felt the presence of a Lenpodano madam.” He bowed.

“Yes. Thank you. I saw it on the visual earlier. We can go over the details later. Not in front of Kim.” Said the man.

Hello? Mr. Rudeness? What am I? Garbage worthy? I can hear you. I’m already here so might as well tell me everything. Except I said it all in my head so they didn’t really hear me. So I smiled. “Hi I’m Kim. And you two are?”

“Yes. We know. I am Adam and this is Clarisse.” Adam turned away from me and whispered over to Clarisse. She nodded and looked slightly worried. Might as well just call him Rude. I could tell that we won’t be getting along any time soon.

“I know that we’re heavily guarded in here but the first defense has already failed us. The veil didn’t help much either.” Chris said.

“Chris. This isn’t in your description. If I see something that we need to worry about, I’ll take care of it. Besides Our main group is coming.” She pulled out a thin paintbrush and did a quick sketch right on the air that was in front of us. It was a rough sketch of the forest outside of the cave we were just in. She drew a couple lines and voila. They immediately turned into people. “Voir.”

It was a french word meaning watch. I don’t know why she spoke in french but the sketch became something more than just a sketch. It revolved into something more graphic and three dimensional. Then it highlighted the people that she had recently drawn and the blobs that Chris and I encountered earlier, blinked onto the model. The blobs were absorbed into the highlighted figures leaving them defenseless.

“See. Easy. Now since we have that out of the way, show her around and see if …it starts to come back to her.” Right when she put the paint brush away, the image started to glow red. The blobs were spreading across the forest.

“What are the blobs doing?” I asked.

“I’m sorry?” She looked in my direction as if she completely forgot about me. Wonderful. “Blobs?”

“The things that tried to shoot me earlier.” I said and she laughed. 

“The Lenpodanos are not ‘blobs’.” Adam scoffed.

“Well excuse me Mr. Rude-boy. No one told me.” I murmured. Before he could make out what I said I changed the subject. “So Chris, are you going to show me around or not because they look like they need to make some adjustments to their poor security people.”

Just when the rude man was about to make another little remark, the boulder sunk into the ground again and people who were dressed in black ninja clothing came running in.

“Hurry! Shut the door!”

“I’m trying!”

“Anitta where’s your bag?!”


“Close the bag!”

“I know! Stop yelling I can’t concentrate!”

When the boulder shut, a blob or one of the Lenpodanos came in. One of the guys who came in reacted quickly and touched his forehead with one hand and lifted his other hand towards the Lenpodano with two fingers up. “Disparaître!” Once the word left his mouth, the Lenpodano blew up revealing a piece of parchment paper. They all gasped. Including rude-boy and Clarisse.

Chris remained calm and turned to me. “So everyone. Say hello to our newest member.”

“New? but-” The guy who shouted disappear in french shushed the girl who was speaking.

“Hi, I’m Zack. Nice to meet you. Your name?” Zack gave me a friendly smile and held out a hand.

“Hey, I’m Kim. So the main group is made up of you seven?” I said as I shook his hand.

“Actually Kim, haha, the main group is made up of 21 people, including myself.” He said.  

“Then where are the other 14?” I raised my eyebrows.

“Right here.” Zack took two steps back and joined the rest of the group as they started appearing out of thin air. 


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