Chapter 07~!

Chapter 07~!

glare_effect_by_crestfallenben-d4dddk9 (1)

Whoa whoa whoa. Let’s think this through for a moment. Either I’m delusional, or I’m just….delusional. People do not just appear out of nowhere, but then again, I’ve been seeing weird things lately.

“What in the…” I was speechless. “How did you….?”

One of the girls on the right side of me spoke up. “May second. One thousand. Five hundred. And nineteen.” From the moment she started to speak, I realized how much authority and power she had in her voice. Maybe that wasn’t why I was so scared though. She gave me a glare. Sorry not a glare, THE glare. The I’m-going-to-haunt-you-down-and-do-unforgivable-things-to-you-if-you-dare-touching-me-and-my-oh-so-perfect-self glare. How fun.

“Uh- Is-Uhm- Er-” I guess she has that effect on people because a couple people near the entrance were squirming around, looking uncomfortable as if they went through the same thing before. It seemed like Zack was enjoying this scene because wouldn’t stop grinning. Thanks for the back up bro.

“Clearly you don’t know what that date represents.” Judging me from the start. She’s a lovely child isn’t she. “It’s the day that Leonardo Da Vinci died. He was also a part of the Urban and the co-founder of the Urban in the other world. We don’t know who created the Urban because when Leonardo died, he took everything with him except a few luxury items for us. I don’t know if the main group would be able to survive without these mechanisms. Especially when we run into Lenpodanos. Leonardo was not only a painter but a sculptor and inventor so he created many things for our purposes and goals, but he liked to mess with people. A lot. When he died, he left a few things for us but he hid them all. I don’t know why he would do that because no one else but we can touch these items without disappearing forever. We uncovered some but not all. That’s why we have different groups. Three subgroups and us, the main groups. The subgroups go hunting for different items that we haven’t uncovered yet. It’s rare that anyone would find anything but if they find something, they take it to the undergroups. The undergroups find out what the item does, how it works, and tries to duplicate them. Sometimes duplicating them gets a bit difficult when we don’t have all the supplies we want and need at the time. So the time varies when it comes to making them. The undergroups are spread out through the city and some are in secluded areas-like us. That’s where we come in, we go to the different undergroups and collect our supplies. We do this about once a month. The rest of the time, we stay here and learn about our special type of art, its culture, our unique abilities and learn to practice them. Once we get a few things down, we can apply them to where it’s suited best for.”

“Which group am I in then?” I asked.

“That’ll depend on your entrance score exam.” She said.

“We have entrance exams?” I guess I sounded really iffy about it because as soon as the words left my mouth, I could see that she didn’t approve of me whining. Figures.

“It’s actually fun. I took it twice just because I wanted to.” Okay. She’s crazy.

“So then…how did you turn invisible?” I asked Zack.

“The undergroups have special herbs that we mix with other items that turns into paint. It looks normal but when you drop a single drop on a person, it melts into the form of a infinity sign. It has other qualities to it but it generally makes the trips in and out of here easier. Today, not so easy. There’s a bridge nearby where we usually climb under but Lenpodanos were patrolling there and we had to be quieter than normal. When they’re dragging around their bratty selves, it’s almost like they’re teenagers on puberty 24/7 because when they spot us, they like to give us their rage and their endless love they have for us. Right when we were almost across, one appeared out of nowhere and made me lose my grip. The others tried to catch me but they only fell into the water with me. Normally, we would waterproof our paint but we ran out of supplies and the sign rubbed off, hence why we were going to get more.”

“How come you didn’t just blast them like you did to that one just now?” I asked.

“It would’ve attracted more of them to our location. It’s not like it spotted me but going around it, under a bridge with a backpack full of the randomest things in the world? Ahha…no. We were lucky enough that we were able to come all the way over here with only a few following us by the gate.” He replied.

“You guys make it sound like it’s easy. By the way, I didn’t catch your name. What was that piece of paper you guys were fangirling about earlier?”

“Amanda. What piece of paper are you talking about?” She replied. Clearly she didn’t want to tell me.


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