Chapter 08~!

Chapter 08~!

???? Vol.18 ???????

“Amanda. What piece of paper are you talking about?” She replied. Clearly she didn’t want to tell me. Everyone here makes me feel so welcome.

“The one everyone gasped at when he shouted disparaître.” The guy who shouted it gave me a little yo wassup nod holding up the paper for everyone to see.

“Watch and learn.” Amanda winked at me and smiled. This girl. I don’t know if she likes me or hates me. “Everything must have balance. Light and darkness, hope and despair, etcetera.” She put her hand in a fist and put in the direction of the paper. “Reluire.” Shine.

The paper left his hand and shred itself. “What are you-” Chris shook his head and motioned for me to wait. The shredded pieces began to shift in a ball like form and then the empty spaces filled with … darkness and absolutely nothing and yet it stayed intact.  She opened her hand and it shone with light and darkness. I have never been interested in an object like this before. I don’t even know how to describe the thing. It shined but it didn’t, it let off light, but it didn’t. What is life. Then I realized that it was a map. “Where does it lead to?”

“I’m not so sure. We have seen things like this before. Just never in a Lepodano.” She then took it and smashed it under her foot. “They’re from Da Vinci. Usually they lead to more of his undiscovered inventions. And usually, they help us find our way out of this world. It’s unnatural for it to be in a Lepodano…I don’t know how it had it in the first place. It’s most likely a trap.”

“What?! But even so. Why would you destroy it?” I stared at Chris and he just shrugged. I looked at her foot and then back at her.

“Close your eyes and search for the map. You should be able to remember everything in full detail.” She lifted her foot and it was gone.

“I didn’t even get to fully see everything.” Reluctantly, I closed my eyes. Behold, there it was. I reopened them. “What? How?”

“Just one of our endless uses as a Urban user.” She twirled around and walked towards Zack. Amanda whispered something into his ear and walked away into the farthest room. “I’m going to sleep. It’s been a long week and I need my skin cells to grow. Good Night.”

Once she was inside the rest of the group seemed like they were ready to drop. They walked into their rooms and Zack walked up to me. “Sorry, she gets like that but you get used to her.”

“Something’s not right.” I said.

“No she’s always like that. Don’t worry about it. I’ll see you tomorrow morning. Night Kim.” Zack gave me a pat on the shoulder and walked away. 

Chris finally started speaking again. “What do you mean something’s not right?”

“When …when I passed out, I had a vision. Or a dream. I don’t know what it was about but I think it was Leonardo  Da Vinci arguing with someone else. Possibly that guy you told me about. The one who went against the power.”

“No that can’t be Kim. They’re sworn enemies. They wouldn’t be caught dead talking with each other.”

“Exactly. He barged into his house and they fought. I think-“

“Well, if anything, we can talk tomorrow. I don’t know about you but I’m tired. Your room is the only one with the black hinges. Until you pass the exam, that’s where you’re sleeping in. There are other people in that room so don’t worry about the dark.” Chris winked at me and left me standing alone. After a while I decided to get some shut eye too. I walked into my temporary room as quietly as possible so I wouldn’t wake anyone up. I saw an empty bunk and crept towards it. I was almost there when I tripped on someone on the ground. 

“God Clara what are you doing at this time of the night?” He rubbed his eyes and saw me. “Oh. A newcomer. There’s a bed above me, you’re more than welcome to take it. I’m *yawn* David by the way.” 

“Okay..uhm…You can go back to sleep but just saying, you’re on the floor…” I laughed quietly.

His eyes widened. “Oh god. Thanks for waking me up. I had no idea. Night newbie.” I punched him lightly.

“I have a name. It’s Kim.” I smiled. “Night idiot.” I immediately fell asleep, but what awaited me wasn’t a pleasant dream. 


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