Chapter 09~!

Chapter 09


Once again I was a victim of my own dreams. I had no control over what was mine and was an uneasy feeling.

“They will be forever trapped.” There were two distressed men with their hands on their heads. As if they haven’t slept for days.

“It’s a curse that will never be removed and yet it’ll always be forgotten.” 

“Yes but I know for sure that they will meet their needs in here. In time they will escape. This is the only way if they want to survive.”

“Even so…”

“Do not worry. One of us will go with them. I have faith in Kim.”

Kim? I couldn’t tell if he was talking about me.

“There may be side effects from the teleportation device.”

“No…that is guaranteed but they will have abilities to assist them. Kim possesses precognition.” 

“But every single one of them will never know what to expect.”

“Yes that is true but the teleportation device will cause them to their past for quite a while.”

“Hopefully they will find the map one day and follow the map and avoid all of the power’s Lenpodanos.”

“It leads to their main head quarters. How can they avoid them all? This isn’t a good idea. We’re send them to the worst place possible. They will never survive there. We may have went against the power and saved them but that was temporary. This’ll only destroy everything we have worked for.”

“Have faith.”

Strange wired machines started powering up and the two men transferred large pods into each one. 

“God speed Kim.”

The pods disappeared but a few seconds later, so did the machine.

“No. No no no no no! NO! This wasn’t supposed to happen. How will they return now? They’re going to die there. Their memory will never return.”

The other man turned away and pulled out a knife. My eyes widened as I realized that he was going to kill him. I screamed out to him but it was futile. I had no control. Slowly walking towards his comrade, he stabbed him from the back. “I’m afraid you’re going to die before they do. This was all so easy. I used to be a loyal man to the power. But you, hah. You, my friend changed all that. You saw the wrong in the power and so did I. We all did. In fact, if hadn’t changed anything, I probably would have quit. But then I realized, once you, Kim, and all her goody two shoe friends were out of the way, I could take the highest position for myself.”

“What ..*gasp* have…you done.”

“Don’t worry. I’ll make sure that they die quickly and painlessly.”

“How could…*gasp* you?! What are you going to gain from this?” 

“Oh. Well. Nothing actually! Life is just so boring. Without exciting events like this, what is life all worth? Now sh. I have to attend the meeting. It was nice knowing you old pal.”

The dream quickly shifted. This time, it was all familiar. It was my father. Then the whole picture zoomed out. It was..a video? I watched myself being strapped onto a chair with two wires on both sides of my head. A couple lenpodanos walked in.

“Unless she has these fake memories, she’ll remember her past.” They’re speaking?

“We will prevent that.”

“She will never remember that she was the head of the rebels who went against the power.”


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