Chapter 10~!

Chapter 10~!Luminous_Forest_Ground

The rest of the night was peaceful enough but waking up wasn’t so great either.

“YOOOO KIM. Wake up. We have to get going. Amanda packed everything for you so go brush your teeth, do your stuff and eat. We’re leaving in 15 minutes. 14 minutes now. Go!” Chris shook me hard and left when he saw that waking me up was not going to be an easy task. He returned as quickly as he had left and poured cold water all over me. My instincts took over and I subconsciously kicked him in the head. “Hey no need to get feisty!”

“Sorry I didn’t do it on purpose.” I stifled a laugh.


Once we left the cave, Amanda and Zack came up to me and Chris.

“Okay if anything goes wrong, just…never mind just don’t do anything stupid.” Amanda said. “This will be harder than usual. We don’t have backup. A few of us went to get more supplies and the rest are searching for an exit. More and more lenpodanos are showing up and we need all the equipment we can find. If not, we need to get back to the real world. The original exit disappeared for some reason.”

“Oh god loosen up a bit you guys. What she means is, try not to get yourself killed. Just kidding. Follow us and you’ll be fine.” Chris pulled out a water bottle and pointed it at me. “Or else I’ll dunk you in water again.”

“You are so immature. Don’t even think about it.” I grabbed the water bottle from him. We hiked further and further away from the city and more towards the other side of the forest.

As soon as the moon rose, a lenpodano showed up. It was unaware of us. I turned to Zack but he put his hands to his lips and shook his head. Quietly, we turned. Zack pushed me and when I turned, a lenpodano appeared out of nowhere. Zack sacrificed himself to save us.

“AHH!” Zack screamed as a lenpodano absorbed him. There were many disguised as leaves. They quickly came together at one location. We were out numbered but we prepared for a head on fight. Two seconds later we realized they were all gone.


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